Rabbids go Home


Cleaning up mess.

Sanibots are machines in Rabbids go Home that only follow you if you leave a trail of mess behind, saying "Warning! Mess detected!" then, "Cleaning up mess". They debut a little bit later, in "Infectious Blues". They can't be defeated. They chase you like Neatbots but they don't move you, and when the mess trail is gone, they will say "Mess eradicated". Sanibots are useful, because they are needed to open doors that are in their area. After luring the Sanibot in front of the door, the Sanibot will then say, "Attention! Open Door Activated!". If you don't make dirty tracks around a Sanibot, the Sanibot won't move. If you shoot a Cannonball Rabbid at it, it will say "Warning!" instead of chasing you.=====

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