Professor Branco Clone 3 is a Rabbid that appears to be in charge of all of the Rabbids. He appears in Rayman raving rabbids 2 in the intro scene and in Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time at the end of the game.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2Edit

When Rayman enters the mall from the roof, he is spotted by other Rabbids. Professor Baranco Clone 3 appears and takes out a game case of Rayman raving rabbids, specifically the European case, and stares at Rayman and thinks he's a fake. His suspicion raises when he sees one of Rayman's fake eyes fall. Rayman screams and Clone 3 passes him off as a Rabbid and directs him to his submarine. He is not seen in the rest of the game after that and isn't a costume.

Raving Rabbids: Travel in TimeEdit

Baranco Clone 3 reappears in Travel in Time, but has the same role as RRR 2. He only appears in the ending scene where he is dirrecting his army to use the time washing machines to destroy time and conquer it for himself. The players Rabbid accidentally makes all of the machines teleport away and the army looks at Baranco Clone 3. Baranco Clone 3 twitches in anger and snaps his pointer stick on the chalkboard. He is not seen throughout the game instead in the ending and doesn't appear as a costume.


  • It is not explained how this clone came to be or what happened to the other clones nor what happened to the original.
  • Every time Clone 3 appears, it is in a scene and he is not a costume.
  • He is the only original Rabbid that has made a recurring appearance.
  • He appears to be the only Rabbid that is not harmed that makes recurring appearances (except if you count the end of Travel in Time in which the top of his broken pointer hits him on the head).
  • The possible reason that he cannot be chosen as a costume is because he only has his left eye changed, which is permanently red and has no pupil. This means that he is possibly the only Rabbid with the least detail other than a normal Rabbid.
  • It is noticeable that he is the smartest Rabbid due to actually planning things.
  • He has not screamed once yet, although in Travel in Time he appears to yell when it changes to the players Rabbid yelling.

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