Professor Barranco is a Rabbid that has 2 different costumes like the Rabbid Student. He appears in Rayman raving
rabbids and in the "Making of" videos. In the game, he has a bandaged head and has a squinted eye. He is usually beaten up and isn't much of an obstacle. In the "Making of" videos, he has a much more different design. He has large glasses and wears a green doctor cap and mask, but he doesn't put the mask on until the third video. The interviewer says that he's the gameplay tests coordinator. He tests mini-games played with humans as Rabbids. At the end of the first "Making of" video, he's kniting a sock. In the second video, he drinks a liquid that makes him scream. In the thrid video, he is drawing a picture and at the end, he slides away from his desk on his chair.

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