Dogs are a main enemy in Rabbids go home. The most common is the bulldog that will run at you and there is a variety of them:
  • Bulldog:
    • Normal:They chase you.
    • Chained:They can only lunge and chase for a short distance.
    • Lead:A Human is walking them, person knocked over if dog sees
    • Helmet:Won't be affected by scream attack.
    • Green suit:They bounce up and down.
    • Red suit:They will explode.
  • Baset Hound:They jump when running:
    • Normal
    • Helmet:Won't be affected by scream attack.
    • Bomb helmet:Bomb on their head, they will slowly jump towards you and the bomb will explode leaving them upside-down.
  • Chiwawa:They attack when not looking at them, but they will run away if you do.
    • Normal
    • Helmet:Scream attack resistant

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